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Dialup Services at UC Berkeley

IST Modem Services to End

August 19, 2008

Dear IST modem service customers,

As of December 19, 2008, IST will no longer offer the SHIPS Service or the Low Cost Modem Service. This means IST will no longer offer any modem service to the campus.

Effective July 1, 2008, both services have stopped accepting new subscribers. Only updates or service cancellation requests from existing subscribers are now accepted.


SHIPS Service

  • Customers of the SHIPS Service will continue to be billed monthly for service through November 2008, or until service is canceled by the subscriber, whichever occurs first.
  • Faculty customers receive the SHIPS service free of charge and are not billed. Service for faculty subscribers will end December 19, 2008, or when the subscriber cancels the service, whichever occurs first.
  • To cancel the SHIPS Service, login at and follow the prompts.

Low Cost Modem Service

  • Final billing for the Low Cost Modem Service will be for the period of June through November 2008.

Why is IST doing this?

IST, much like the rest of the campus, is facing severe budget cuts, and we need to find ways in which we can cut costs. Because of the availability of many commercial Internet Service Providers (ISP) offering dial-up, cable, and DSL services, we feel that continuing to provide our modem services is no longer a viable option given our new budgetary situation.

What am I supposed to do?

IST's modem services will continue through December 18, 2008. We encourage you to seek out and try other options between now and then. You can start with your phone or cable company, or do an online search. For instance, a quick search using the term "free low cost Internet" brings up several results. Unfortunately, IST cannot endorse any particular plan or company.

I still have questions.

For questions related to the elimination of the modem services, please use the following contact information.

Customer Contact Telephone Email
Faculty IST Service Desk 510-642-8500 (press option 3, then option 2)
Students IST Service Desk 510-642-8500 (press option 3, then option 2)
Staff IST Service Desk 510-642-8500 (press option 3, then option 2)
Retirees UC Berkeley Retirement Center 510-642-5461
Affiliates IST Service Desk 510-642-8500 (press option 3, then option 2)

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our customers.

Mike Sawyer
Project Manager
Information Services and Technology

Manage your dialup network access here

Sign up for dialup access.

Or change the password of your dialup account.

Shared Services (low cost)

All of the Shared Service modems support PPP via the Home IP Service. We keep daily statistics on the usage of these modems.

General access to all CNS modems is restricted; all users must have a Home IP account to gain access. Home IP accounts are available to UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students.

Workstation Support Services has a set of troubleshooting guides to help answer any questions you might have about connecting to the campus modems.

Premium Services

  • Internet Access SHIPS - Subscription Home IP Service and Faculty Service
    384 High speed modems, 8N, 300 bps-56K bps, v.34/v.32bis/v.42/K56flex/V.90 (including MNP 2-4), v.42bis and MNP5 compression, MNP 10.
    There is a 1 hour idle timer on this service. Connections will disconnect after 8 hours.

    The Internet Access SHIPS - Subscription Home IP fee-based modem access service offers a 24 hour x 7 day shared high-speed modem service for $12 a month. For information on obtaining a SHIPS account, see or send email to

    Faculty members can now use the SHIPS modems without charge. Previously, the Faculty service used a separate pool of modems.

Non-UCB Services

Students and staff from other UC campuses are no longer authorized to use UC Berkeley modems (effective 6/4/96). As an alternative to using the UC Berkeley campus modems, a commercial Internet Service Provider can be used to access the campus network. The following web page may help you locate an appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP): Internet Service Provider Information.

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