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Connectivity to SSL restored

3 March 2001

At about 3:30 AM PST on 27 February an optical fiber cable connecting the U.C. Berkeley campus with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was cut, apparently by vandals trying to "salvage" copper from other nearby cables.

The broken fiber carries data and voice connections for LBNL and also for the Space Sciences Lab, the Center for EUV Astrophysics, and the Lawrence Hall of Science. SSL is where the SETI@Home project is located, so the millions of participants helping to analyze data were unable to contact the SETI@Home servers.

At about 11:30 AM PST today, the broken fiber-optic cable was finally repaired. Data connectivity to SSL (including SETI@Home), LHS, and CEA now appears to be normal, although heavy demand from SETI@Home participants has pushed the data volume from the router at SSL to 30 Mbps.

For more information, please visit the newsgroups sci.astro.seti and alt.sci.seti.