Global IPv4-in-IPv6 configuration subcommands.

ipv4-in-ipv6 Specification

Type Intermediate Resource
Element Name ipv4-in-ipv6
Element URI /axapi/v3/ipv4-in-ipv6
Element Attributes ipv4-in-ipv6_attributes
Schema ipv4-in-ipv6 schema

Operations Allowed:

Operation Method URI Payload

Get Object




ipv4-in-ipv6 Attributes


Description: frag is a JSON Block . Please see below for frag

Type: Object

Reference Object: /axapi/v3/ipv4-in-ipv6/frag


Type object


Description: sampling-enable is a JSON List . Please see below for l565_sampling-enable

Type: List


Description: uuid of the object

Type: string


Type list
Block object keys


Description: ‘all’: all; ‘session-inserted’: Session Inserted; ‘session-expired’: Session Expired; ‘icmp-rcv’: ICMP Received; ‘icmpv6-rcv’: ICMPv6 Received; ‘udp-rcv’: UDP Received; ‘tcp-rcv’: TCP Received; ‘ipip-rcv’: IP-in-IP Received; ‘ipv6ip-rcv’: IPv6-in-IP Received; ‘other-rcv’: Other Received; ‘icmp-dropped’: ICMP Dropped; ‘icmpv6-dropped’: ICMPv6 Dropped; ‘udp-dropped’: UDP Dropped; ‘tcp-dropped’: TCP Dropped; ‘ipip-dropped’: IP-in-IP Dropped; ‘ipv6ip-dropped’: IPv6-in-IP Dropped; ‘other-dropped’: Other Dropped; ‘overlap-error’: Overlapping Fragment Dropped; ‘bad-ip-len’: Bad IP Length; ‘too-small’: Fragment Too Small Drop; ‘first-tcp-too-small’: First TCP Fragment Too Small Drop; ‘first-l4-too-small’: First L4 Fragment Too Small Drop; ‘total-sessions-exceeded’: Total Sessions Exceeded Drop; ‘no-session-memory’: Out of Session Memory; ‘fast-aging-set’: Fragmentation Fast Aging Set; ‘fast-aging-unset’: Fragmentation Fast Aging Unset; ‘fragment-queue-success’: Fragment Queue Success; ‘unaligned-len’: Payload Length Unaligned; ‘exceeded-len’: Payload Length Out of Bounds; ‘duplicate-first-frag’: Duplicate First Fragment; ‘duplicate-last-frag’: Duplicate Last Fragment; ‘total-fragments-exceeded’: Total Queued Fragments Exceeded; ‘fragment-queue-failure’: Fragment Queue Failure; ‘reassembly-success’: Fragment Reassembly Success; ‘max-len-exceeded’: Fragment Max Data Length Exceeded; ‘reassembly-failure’: Fragment Reassembly Failure; ‘policy-drop’: MTU Exceeded Policy Drop; ‘error-drop’: Fragment Processing Drop; ‘max-packets-exceeded’: Too Many Packets Per Reassembly Drop; ‘session-packets-exceeded’: Session Max Packets Exceeded; ‘frag-session-count’: Fragmentation Session Count; ‘high-cpu-threshold’: High CPU Threshold Reached; ‘low-cpu-threshold’: Low CPU Threshold Reached; ‘cpu-threshold-drop’: High CPU Drop; ‘ipd-entry-drop’: DDoS Protection Drop; ‘sctp-rcv’: SCTP Received; ‘sctp-dropped’: SCTP Dropped;

Type: string

Supported Values: all, session-inserted, session-expired, icmp-rcv, icmpv6-rcv, udp-rcv, tcp-rcv, ipip-rcv, ipv6ip-rcv, other-rcv, icmp-dropped, icmpv6-dropped, udp-dropped, tcp-dropped, ipip-dropped, ipv6ip-dropped, other-dropped, overlap-error, bad-ip-len, too-small, first-tcp-too-small, first-l4-too-small, total-sessions-exceeded, no-session-memory, fast-aging-set, fast-aging-unset, fragment-queue-success, unaligned-len, exceeded-len, duplicate-first-frag, duplicate-last-frag, total-fragments-exceeded, fragment-queue-failure, reassembly-success, max-len-exceeded, reassembly-failure, policy-drop, error-drop, max-packets-exceeded, session-packets-exceeded, frag-session-count, high-cpu-threshold, low-cpu-threshold, cpu-threshold-drop, ipd-entry-drop, sctp-rcv, sctp-dropped