system add-cpu-core

Depending on ACOS platform, add CPU cores to the core list. Core management commands are provided to manage and/or restrict ACOS threads to run only on the selected list of CPU cores.

This also depends on the license. Since the license integration is pending, currently the maximum number of cores selected/ selectable is set to 14 cores. If the Hyper Threading (HT) is enabled, then there would be twice the number of cores available to run ACOS.

For example: if you select 4 cores, then with HT enabled it would be 8 cores.

add-cpu-core Specification

Type operational
Element Name add-cpu-core
Element URI /axapi/v3/system/add-cpu-core
Element Attributes add-cpu-core_attributes
Schema add-cpu-core schema

Operations Allowed:

Operation Method URI Payload




add-cpu-core Attributes

add-cpu-core Attributes


Description: Specify the index number of the core to be added to the core list.

Type: number

Range: 0-128