Config Commands: Global

This chapter describes the commands for configuring global ACOS parameters.

To access this configuration level, use the configure command at the Privileged EXEC level.

To display global settings, use show commands. (See Show Commands.)

Common commands that are available at all configuration levels (for example, active-partition, backup, clear, debug, diff, export, health-test, help, import, repeat, show, write) are described in detail elsewhere in this guide.

The following commands are available:


     access-list (standard)

     access-list (extended)




     admin-session clear


     aflex-scripts start





     authentication console type

     authentication enable

     authentication login privilege-mode

     authentication mode

     authentication multiple-auth-reject

     authentication type



     backup store


     bfd echo

     bfd enable

     bfd interval













     class-list (for Aho-Corasick)

     class-list (for IP limiting)

     class-list (for VIP-based DNS caching)

     class-list (for many pools, non-LSN)

     class-list (string)

     class-list (string-case-insensitive)

     configure sync




     disable reset statistics

     disable slb









     environment temperature threshold

     environment update-interval










     hd-monitor enable

     health global

     health monitor



     hsm template











     lacp system-priority




     lldp enable

     lldp management-address

     lldp notification interval

     lldp system-description

     lldp system-name

     lldp tx fast-count

     lldp tx fast-interval

     lldp tx interval

     lldp tx hold

     lldp tx reinit-delay


     logging auditlog host

     logging buffered

     logging console

     logging disable-partition-name

     logging email buffer

     logging email filter

     logging email-address

     logging export

     logging facility

     logging host

     logging monitor

     logging single-priority

     logging syslog

     logging trap









     netflow common max-packet-queue-time

     netflow monitor



     object-group network

     object-group service







     pki copy-cert

     pki copy-key

     pki create

     pki delete

     pki renew-self

     pki scep-cert




     rba enable

     rba disable

     rba group

     rba role

     rba user




     router log file

     router log log-buffer



     running-config display










     system all-vlan-limit

     system anomaly log

     system attack log

     system cpu-load-sharing

     system ddos-attack

     system glid

     system ipsec

     system log-cpu-interval

     system module-ctrl-cpu

     system per-vlan-limit

     system promiscuous-mode

     system resource-usage

     system template

     system ve-mac-scheme

     system-jumbo-global enable-jumbo


     tacacs-server host

     tacacs-server monitor



     tftp blksize







     vlan-global enable-def-vlan-l2-forwarding

     vlan-global l3-vlan-fwd-disable







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