bfd interval

Description                                                    Configure BFD timers.

Syntax                                                                  [no] bfd interval ms min-rx ms multiplier num



interval ms

Rate at which the ACOS device sends BFD control packets to its BFD neighbors. You can specify 48-1000 milliseconds (ms). The default is 800 ms.

min-rx ms

Minimum amount of time in milliseconds that the ACOS device waits to receive a BFD control packet from a BFD neighbor. If a control packet is not received within the specified time, the multiplier (below) is incremented by 1. You can specify 48-1000 ms. The default is 800 ms.

multiplier num

Maximum number of consecutive times the ACOS device will wait for a BFD control packet from a neighbor. If the multiplier value is reached, the ACOS device concludes that the routing process on the neighbor is down. You can specify 3-50. The default is 4

Usage                                                                  If you configure the interval timers on an individual interface, then the interface settings are used instead of the global settings. Similarly, if the BFD timers have not been configured on an interface, then the interface will use the global settings.

NOTE:                                                                   BFD always uses the globally configured interval timer if it's for a BGP loopback neighbor.

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