class-list (for Aho-Corasick)

Description                                                    Configure an Aho-Corasick class list. This type of class list can be used to match on Server Name Indication (SNI) values.

Syntax                                                                  [no] class-list list-name ac [file filename]




Adds the list to the running-config.


Identifies this as an Aho-Corasick class list.


Saves the list to a standalone file on the ACOS device.

NOTE:                                                                   A class list can be exported only if you use the file option.

This command changes the CLI to the configuration level for the specified class list, where the following commands are available:



[no] contains sni-string

Matches if the specified string appears anywhere within the SNI value.

[no] ends-with sni-string

Matches only if the SNI value ends with the specified string.

[no] equals sni-string

Matches only if the SNI value completely matches the specified string.

[no] starts-with sni-string

Matches only if the SNI value starts with the specified string.

(The other commands are common to all CLI configuration levels. See Config Commands: Global.)

Default                                                                None

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Usage                                                                  The match options are always applied in the following order, regardless of the order in which the rules appear in the configuration.





If a template has more than one rule with the same match option (equals, starts-with, contains, or ends-with) and an SNI value matches on more than one of them, the most-specific match is always used.

If you delete a file-based class list (no class-list list-name), save the configuration (write memory) to complete the deletion.

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