class-list (for VIP-based DNS caching)

Description                                                    Configure an IP class list for use VIP-based DNS caching.

Syntax                                                                  class-list list-name dns [file filename]




Adds the list to the running-config.


Identifies this list as a DNS class list.

file filename

Saves the list to a file.

This command changes the CLI to the configuration level for the specified class list, where the following command is available:

[no] dns match-option domain-string lid num

This command specifies the match conditions for domain strings and maps matching strings to LIDs.




Specifies the match criteria for the domain-string. The match-option can be one of the following:

  dns contains – The entry matches if the DNS request is for a domain name that contains the domain-string anywhere within the requested domain name.

  dns starts-with – The entry matches if the DNS request is for a domain name that begins with the domain-string.

  dns ends-with – The entry matches if the DNS request is for a domain name that ends with the domain-string.


Specifies all or part of the domain name on which to match. You can use the wildcard character * (asterisk) to match on any single character.

For example, “www.example*.com” matches on all the following domain names:,,,, and so on.

For wildcard matching on more than one character, you can use the dns contains, dns starts-with, and dns ends-with options. For example, “dns ends-with” matches on both and

lid num

Specifies a list ID (LID) in the DNS template. LIDs contain DNS cach­ing policies. The ACOS device applies the DNS caching policy in the specified LID to the domain-string.

(The other commands are common to all CLI configuration levels. See Config Commands: Global.)

Default                                                                None

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Usage                                                                  Configure the LIDs before configuring the class-list entries. LIDs for DNS caching can be con­figured in DNS templates. (See “slb template dns” in the Command Line Interface Reference for ADC.

As an alternative to configuring class entries on the ACOS device, you can configure the class list using a text editor on another device, then import the class list onto the ACOS device. To import a class list, see import.

If you delete a file-based class list (no class-list list-name), save the configuration (write memory) to complete the deletion.

Example                                                            See the “DNS Optimization and Security” chapter in the Application Delivery and Server Load Balancing Guide.

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