environment update-interval

Description                                                    Configure the hardware polling interval for fault detection and log generation.

Syntax                                                                  [no] environment update-interval num 




Polling interval in seconds (1-60).

The lower the update interval number, the faster the messages will be seen in the sylog and the status reflected in the show environment output.

Default                                                                30 seconds

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Example                                                            Set the hardware polling interval to 5 seconds:

ACOS(config)#environment update-interval 5


Use the show environment to verify this change, or to view the current hardware polling interval. The first line in the output shows the hardware polling interval:

ACOS(config)#show environment

Updated information every 5 Seconds

Physical System temperature:   37C / 98F : OK-med/high

                Thresholds: Low 10 / Medium 30 / High 45

Physical System temperature2:   32C / 89F : OK-med/high

                Thresholds: Low 10 / Medium 30 / High 45

HW Fan Setting: Automatic

Fan1A : OK-med/high     Fan1B : OK-med/high

Fan2A : OK-med/high     Fan2B : OK-med/high

Fan3A : OK-med/high     Fan3B : OK-med/high

Fan4A : OK-med/high     Fan4B : OK-med/high

Fan5A : OK-med/high     Fan5B : OK-med/high

Fan6A : OK-med/high     Fan6B : OK-med/high

Fan7A : OK-med/high     Fan7B : OK-med/high

Fan8A : OK-med/high     Fan8B : OK-med/high

System Voltage 12V              : OK

System Voltage 5V               : OK

System Voltage CPU1 VCORE (1V)  : OK

System Voltage CPU0 VCORE (1V)  : OK

System Voltage AUX 5V           : OK

System Voltage VBAT (3.3V)      : OK

Upper Left Power Unit(Rear View) State: On

Upper Right Power Unit(Rear View) State: On

Lower Left Power Unit(Rear View) State: On

Lower Right Power Unit(Rear View) State: Off


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