health global

Description                                                    Globally change health monitor parameters.

Syntax                                                                  health global

This command changes the CLI to the configuration level for global health monitoring parameters, where the following commands are available.



[no] health check-rate threshold

Change the health-check rate limiting threshold.

Replace threshold with the maximum number of health-check pack­ets the ACOS device will send in a given 500-millisecond (ms) period.

The valid range is 1-5000 health-check packets per 500-ms period.

When you disable auto-adjust mode, the default threshold is 1000 health-check packets per 500-ms period.

When auto-adjust mode is enabled, you can not manually change the threshold. To change the threshold, you first must disable auto-adjust mode. (See below.)

[no] health disable-auto-adjust

Disable the auto-adjust mode of health-check rate limiting.

When necessary, the auto-adjust mode dynamically increases the default interval and timeout for health checks. By increasing these timers, health-check rate limiting provides more time for health-check processing.

Auto-adjust mode is enabled by default.

[no] health external-rate scripts per 100-ms-units

Specify the maximum number of external health-checks scripts the ACOS device is allowed to perform during a given interval.

  scripts – Maximum number of external health-check scripts, 1-999.

  100-ms-units – Interval to which the scripts option applies, 1-20 100-ms units.

The default rate is 2 scripts every 200 ms.

interval seconds

Number of seconds between health check attempt, 1-180 seconds. A health check attempt consists of the ACOS device sending a packet to the server. The packet type and payload depend on the health monitor type. For example, an HTTP health monitor might send an HTTP GET request packet. Default is 5 seconds.

multi-process cpus

Enable use of multiple CPUs for processing health checks.

Replace cpus with the total number of CPUs to use for processing health checks.

The default is 1.

retry number

Maximum number of times ACOS will send the same health check to an unresponsive server before determining that the server is down. You can specify 1-5. Default is 3.

timeout seconds

Number of seconds ACOS waits for a reply to a health check, 1-12 sec­onds. Default is 5 seconds.

up-retry number

Number of consecutive times the device must pass the same periodic health check, in order to be marked Up. You can specify 1-10. The default is 1.

NOTE:                                                                   The timeout parameter is not applicable to external health monitors.

You can change one or more parameters on the same command line.

Default                                                                See above.

NOTE:                                                                   To change a global parameter back to its factory default, use the “no” form of the command (for example: no up-retry 10).

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Usage                                                                  Globally changing a health monitor parameter changes the default for that parameter. For example, if you globally change the interval from 5 seconds to 10 seconds, the default inter­val becomes 10 seconds.

If a parameter is explicitly set on a health monitor, globally changing the parameter does not affect the health monitor. For example, if the interval on health monitor hm1 is explicitly set to 20 seconds, the interval remains 20 seconds on hm1 regardless of the global setting.

NOTE:                                                                   Global health monitor parameter changes automatically apply to all new health monitors configured after the change. To apply a global health monitor parameter change to health monitors that were configured before the change, you must reboot the ACOS device.

Example                                                            The following command globally changes the default number of retries to 5:

ACOS(config)# health global retry 5


Example                                                            The following command globally changes the timeout to 10 seconds and default number of retries to 4:

ACOS(config)# health global timeout 10 retry 4

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