Description                                                    Set the ACOS device’s hostname.

Syntax                                                                  [no] hostname string

Replace string with the desired hostname (1-31 characters). The name can contain any alpha-numeric character (a-z, A-Z, 0-9), hypen (-), period (.), or left or right parentheses characters.

Default                                                                The default hostname is the name of the device; for example, an AX Series 5630 device will have “AX5630” as the default hostname.

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Usage                                                                  The CLI command prompt also is changed to show the new hostname.

If the ACOS device is a member of an aVCS virtual chassis, use the device-context command to specify the device in the chassis to which to apply this command.

Example                                                            The following example sets the hostname to “SLBswitch2”:

ACOS(config)# hostname SLBswitch2


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