Description                                                    Create a list of IP addresses with group IDs to be used by other GSLB commands.

For example, you can create an IP list and use it in a GSLB policy.

Refer to Global Server Load Balancing Guide for more information.

Syntax                                                                  [no] ip-list list-name

After entering this command, you are placed in a sub-configuration mode where you can enter the IP addresses as follows:

ipv4-addr [to end-ipv-addr]
ipv6-addr [to end-ipv6-addr]
ipv6-addr/range [count num] [to end-ipv6-addr/range]

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Example                                                            The following example shows how to use the ip-list command to create a list of IPv4 addresses from to

ACOS(config)#ip-list ipv4-list

ACOS(config-ip-list)# to


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