logging disable-partition-name

Description                                                    Disable display of L3V partition names in log messages.

Syntax                                                                  [no] logging disable-partition-name

Default                                                                Display of L3V partition names in log messages is enabled by default.

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Usage                                                                  When this option is enabled partition names are included in log messages as the following example illustrates.

Jan 24 2014 15:30:21 Info    [HMON]:<partition_1> SLB server rs1 ( is down

Jan 24 2014 15:30:19 Info    [HMON]:<partition_1> SLB server rs1 ( is up

Jan 24 2014 15:30:17 Info    [ACOS]:<partition_1> Server rs1 is created


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