Description                                                    Specify event thresholds for utilization of resources.

Syntax                                                                  [no] monitor resource-type threshold-value




Type of resource for which to set the monitoring threshold:

  buffer-drop – Packet drops (dropped IO buffers)

  buffer-usage – Control buffer utilization

The conn-type resources configure the conn resource type thresholds per CPU:

  conn-type0 – 32 bytes

  conn-type1 – 64 bytes

  conn-type2 – 128 bytes

  conn-type3 – 256 bytes

  conn-type4 – 512 bytes

  ctrl-cpu – Control CPU utilization

  data-cpu – Data CPUs utilization

  disk – Hard disk utilization

  memory – Memory utilization

The smp-type resources configure the Threshold for SMP resources for the global session memory pool, shared across all of the ACOS device’s CPUs:

  smp-type0 – 32 bytes

  smp-type1 – 64 bytes

  smp-type2 – 128 bytes

  smp-type3 – 256 bytes

  smp-type4 – 512 bytes

  warn-temp – CPU temperature


The values you can specify depend on the event type and on the ACOS device model. For information, see the CLI help.

Default                                                                The default threshold values depend on the event type and on the ACOS model. For infor­mation, see the CLI help.

Usage                                                                  If utilization of a system resource crosses the configured threshold, a log message is gener­ated. If applicable, an SNMP trap is also generated.

To display the configured event thresholds, see show monitor.

Example                                                            The following command sets the event threshold for data CPU utilization to 80%:

ACOS(config)#monitor data-cpu 80

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