Description                                                    Enable use of more than one CPU for control processing.

Syntax                                                                  multi-ctrl-cpu num

Replace num with the number of CPUs to use for control processing. Up to one fourth of the device’s CPUs can be used for control processing.

To display the number of CPUs your device has, enter the show hardware command.

Default                                                                One CPU is used for control processing.

Mode                                                                   Global configuration level

Usage                                                                  A reboot is required to place this command into effect.

This command is required if you plan to enable use of multiple CPUs for health-check processing.

NOTE:                                                                   There is no “no” form of this command. To disable multiple CPUs for control pro­cessing and restore it back to default, simply configure multi-ctrl-cpu 1.

Example                                                            The following commands display the number of CPUs (cores) the device being managed contains, and enable use of multiple CPUs for control processing.

ACOS(config)# show hardware

AX Series Advanced Traffic Manager AX2500

     Serial No : AX2505abcdefghij

      CPU       : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU

                 8 cores

                 5  stepping

     Storage   : Single 74G drive

      Memory    : Total System Memory 6122 Mbyte, Free Memory 1275 Mbyte

     SMBIOS    : Build Version: 080015

                 Release Date: 02/01/2010

     SSL Cards : 5 device(s) present

                 5 Nitrox PX

     GZIP      : 0 compression device(s) present

     FPGA      : 0 instance(s) present

     L2/3 ASIC : 0 device(s) present

     Ports     : 12

The first attempt does not succeed because the number of CPUs requested (3) was more than the number available for control processing on this device.

ACOS(config)# multi-ctrl-cpu 3

The number of control CPUs should be less than a quarter of the total number of CPUs

The next attempt succeeds. The number of CPUs requested (2) is one-fourth of the total number of CPUs on the device, which is the maximum that can be allocated to control processing.

ACOS(config)# multi-ctrl-cpu 2

This will modify your boot profile for multiple control CPUs.

It will take effect after the next reboot.

Please confirm: You want to configure  multiple control CPUs (N/Y)?:Y


After the system is rebooted, the show running-config indicates that multiple CPUs are being utilized:

ACOS# show running-config

!Current configuration: 961 bytes

!Configuration last updated at 15:16:44 IST Wed Jun 3 2015

!Configuration last saved at 14:08:29 IST Wed Jun 3 2015

!version 2.7.2-P5, build 129 (May-27-2015,06:52)


!multi-ctrl-cpu 2               <<-multiple CPUs are being used



The output of the show version command also contains information when multiple CPUs are being utilized:

ACOS# show version

Thunder Series Unified Application Service Gateway TH6630

 Copyright 2007-2015 by A10 Networks, Inc.  All A10 Networks products are

 protected by one or more of the following US patents:

 8977749, 8943577, 8918857, 8914871, 8904512, 8897154, 8868765, 8849938

 8826372, 8813180. 8782751, 8782221, 8595819, 8595791, 8595383, 8584199

 8464333, 8423676, 8387128, 8332925, 8312507, 8291487, 8266235, 8151322

 8079077, 7979585. 7804956, 7716378, 7665138, 7647635, 7627672, 7596695

 7577833, 7552126, 7392241, 7236491, 7139267, 6748084, 6658114, 6535516

 6363075, 6324286, 5931914, 5875185, RE44701, 8392563, 8103770, 7831712

 7606912, 7346695, 7287084, 6970933, 6473802, 6374300


     64-bit Advanced Core OS (ACOS) version 2.7.2-P5, build 129 (May-27-2015,06:52)

       Booted from Hard Disk primary image


       Number of control CPUs is set to 2                        <<-multiple CPUs are being used



Neither line appears in the output if multi-ctrl-cpu is not enabled.

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