netflow common max-packet-queue-time

Description                                                    Specify the maximum amount of time ACOS can hold onto a NetFlow record packet in the queue before sending it to the NetFlow collector. ACOS holds a NetFlow packet in the queue until the packet payload is full of record data or until the queue timer expires.

Syntax                                                                  [no] netflow common max-packet-queue-time queue-time-multiplier

Replace queue-time-multiplier with the multiplier for the maximum queue time. Multiply this value by 20 to calculate the maximum number of milliseconds (ms) ACOS will hold a NetFlow packet in the queue before sending it. The multiplier can be 0-50. For example, to specify a half-second maximum queue time, set the multiplier to 25. Likewise, to specify a 1-second queue time, set the multiplier to 50.

Setting the multiplier to 0 means that there will be no delay for NetFlow packets to be sent to the NetFlow collector, and NetFlow records will not be buffered.

Default                                                                50 (1-second maximum queue time)

Mode                                                                   Global configuration level

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