pki renew-self

Description                                                    Renews a self-signed certificate.

Syntax                                                                  pki renew-self cert-name {days num | days-others}




Renews the self-signed certificate or the CSR file.


Deletes a specific self-signed certificate.

days num

Number of effective dates for which the certificate should be extended. This should be a value from 30 to 3650 days. The default value is a 730 day extension


Presents a more extensive set of input options. After entering the value for an option, press Enter to display the input prompt for the next option. The following

specifications will be presented sequentially:

     input valid days, 30-3650, default 730: num

     input Common Name, 0-64: name

     input Division, 0-31: division-name

     input Organization, 0-63: organization-name

     input Locality, 0-31: city-or-region

     input State or Province, 0-31: state-or-province

     input Country, 2 characters: country-code

     input email address, 0-64: email-address

The num specifies the number of effective days for which the certifi­cate should be extended, ranging from 30 to 3650 days. If this field is left blank, then the default value is a 730 day extension.

Every other option can be left blank, except for the country-code value. The numbers following Common Name, Division, Organiza­tion, Locality, State or Province, and email address specify the num­ber of characters allowed.

Mode                                                                   Configuration Mode

Usage                                                                  See the description.

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