Description                                                    Restore the startup-config, aFleX policy files, and SSL certificates and keys from a file previ­ously created by the backup system command. The restored configuration takes effect fol­lowing a reboot.

NOTE:                                                                   Backing up system from one hardware platform and restoring it to another is not supported.

Syntax                                                                  restore [use-mgmt-port] url




Uses the management interface as the source interface for the connection to the remote device. The management route table is used to reach the device. By default, the ACOS device attempts to use the data route table to reach the remote device through a data interface.


File transfer protocol, username (if required), and directory path.

You can enter the entire URL on the command line or press Enter to display a prompt for each part of the URL. If you enter the entire URL and a password is required, you will still be prompted for the password. The password can be up to 255 characters long.

To enter the entire URL:





Default                                                                N/A

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Usage                                                                  Do not save the configuration (write memory) after restoring the startup-config. If you do, the startup-config will be replaced by the running-config and you will need to restore the startup-config again.

To place the restored configuration into effect, reboot the ACOS device.

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