router log file

Description                                                    Configure router logging to a local file.

Syntax                                                                  [no] router log file 
{name string | per-protocol | rotate num | size Mbytes



name string

Name of the log file.


Uses separate log files for each protocol. Without this option, log mes­sages for all protocols are written to the same file.

By default, this is disabled.

rotate num

Specifies the number of backups to allow for each log file. When a log file becomes full, the logs are saved to a backup file and the log file is cleared for new logs. You can specify 0-100 backups. If the maximum number of backups is reached, the oldest backups are purged to make way for new ones.

The default is 0.

size Mbytes

Specifies the size of each log file. You can specify 0-1000000 Mbytes. If you specify 0, the file size is unlimited.

The default size is 0.

Default                                                                See descriptions.

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Usage                                                                  When you enable logging, the default minimum severity level that is logged is debugging.

The per-protocol option is recommended. Without this option, messages from all routing protocols will be written to the same file, which may make troubleshooting more difficult.

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