Description                                                    Restore the ACOS device to its factory default settings.

The following table summarizes that is removed or preserved on the system:

What is Erased

What is Preserved

Saved configuration files

Running configuration

System files, such as SSL certificates and keys, aFleX policies, black/white lists, and system logs

Audit log entries

Management IP address


Admin-configured admins


Enable password


Imported files


Inactive partitions


Syntax                                                                  system-reset

Default                                                                N/A

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Usage                                                                  This command is helpful when you need to redeploy an ACOS device in a new environment or at a new customer site, or you need to start over the configuration at the same site.

The command does not automatically reboot or power down the device. The device continues to operate using the running-config and any other system files in memory, until you reboot or power down the device.

Reboot the ACOS device to erase the running-config and place the system reset into effect.

Example                                                            The following commands reset an ACOS device to its factory default configuration, then reboot the device to erase the running-config:





Related Commands                             erase

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