system resource-usage

Description                                                    Change the capacity of a system resource.

Syntax                                                                  [no] system resource-usage resource-type




Specifies the resource type and the maximum allowed:

  auth-portal-html-file-size num – Maximum file size allowed for AAM HTML files (4-120 Kbytes).

  auth-portal-image-file-size num – Maximum file size allowed for AAM portal image files (1-80 Kbytes).

  class-list-ac-entry-count - Maximum SNI entries allowed per ACOS device for Aho-Corasik class-lists (when used for SSL Insight bypass).

  class-list-ipv6-addr-count - Maximum number of IPv6 addresses allowed within each IPv6 class list (524288-1048576).

  l4-session-count num – Maximum number of Layer 4 sessions supported (32768 - 524288).

  max-aflex-file-size num – Maximum size of an aFleX script in Kbytes (16-256). The default maximum allowable file size is 32K.

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Usage                                                                  To place a change to l4-session-count into effect, a reboot is required. A reload will not place this change into effect. For changes to any of the other system resources, a reload is required but a reboot is not required.

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