Description                                                    Set the terminal configuration.

Syntax                                                                  [no] terminal 
auto-size |
editing |
gslb-prompt options |
history [size number] |
idle-timeout minutes |
length number |
prompt options |
width lines




Automatically adjusts the length and width of the terminal display.

Auto-sizing is enabled by default.

gslb-prompt options

Enables display of the ACOS device’s role within a GSLB group at the CLI prompt.

  disable - disables display of the GSLB group status.

  group-role symbol - Displays “Member” or “Master” in the CLI prompt; for example:



  symbol - Displays “gslb” in the CLI prompt after the name of the ACOS device; for example:



Enables command editing.

This feature is enabled by default.

history [size number]

Enables the command history and specifies the number of commands it can contain, 0-1000.

By default, history is enabled for up to 256 commands.

idle-timeout minutes

Specifies the number of minutes a CLI session can be idle before it times out and is termi­nated, 0-60 minutes. To disable timeout, enter 0.

The default idle timeout is 15 minutes.

length number

Specifies the number of lines to display per page, 0-512. To disable paging, enter 0.

The default length is 24 lines.

prompt options

See Using the CLI.

width lines

Specifies the number of columns to display, 0-512. To use an unlimited number of col­umns, enter 0.

The default width is 80 columns.

Default                                                                See descriptions.

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Example                                                            The following example sets the idle-timeout to 30 minutes:

ACOS(config)#terminal idle-timeout 30

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