vlan-global enable-def-vlan-l2-forwarding

Description                                                    Enable Layer 2 forwarding on the default VLAN (VLAN 1).

Syntax                                                                  [no] vlan-global enable-def-vlan-l2-forwarding

Default                                                                Layer 2 forwarding is disabled on VLAN 1, on ACOS devices deployed in route mode.

Usage                                                                  This command applies only to routed mode deployments.

On a new or unconfigured ACOS device, as soon as you configure an IP interface on any individual Ethernet data port or trunk interface, Layer 2 forwarding on VLAN 1 is disabled.

When Layer 2 forwarding on VLAN 1 is disabled, broadcast, multicast, and unknown unicast packets are dropped instead of being forwarded. Learning is also disabled on the VLAN. However, packets for the ACOS device itself (ex: LACP) are not dropped.

NOTE:                                                                   Configuring an IP interface on an individual Ethernet interface indicates you are deploying in route mode (also called “gateway mode”). If you deploy in transparent mode instead, in which the ACOS device has a single IP address for all data inter­faces, Layer 2 forwarding is left enabled by default on VLAN 1.

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