Description                                                    Configure web services.

Syntax                                                                  [no] web-service 
auto-redir |
axapi-session-limit num |
axapi-timeout-policy idle minutes |
port protocol-port |
secure {
  certificate load [use-mgmt-port] url |
  private-key load [use-mgmt-port] url |
  generate domain-name domain_name [country country_code]
    [state state_name] |
  regenerate domain-name domain_name [country country_code]
    [state state_name] |
  restart |
  wipe} |
secure-port protocol-port |
server disable |
secure-server disable |




Enables requests for the unsecured port (HTTP) to be automatically redirected to the secure port (HTTPS).

This feature is enabled by default.

axapi-session-limit num

Specifies the maximum number of aXAPI sessions that can be run simultaneously (1-100).

The default is 30.


Specifies the number of minutes an aXAPI session or GUI session can remain idle before being terminated. Once the aXAPI session is terminated, the session ID generated by the ACOS device for the session is no longer valid. You can specify 0-60 minutes. If you spec­ify 0, sessions never time out.

The default timeout is 10 minutes.

port port

Specifies the port number for the unsecured (HTTP) port.

The default HTTP port is 80.


Generate a new certificate for your ACOS device when it is booted for the first time.

Use the certificate or private-key parameters to load an externally-generated certificate or private-key. For the URL, you can specify:





Use generate or regenerate for certificate creation. You must specify the domain name, and can optionally specify the country and state location.

secure-port port

Specifies the port number for the secure (HTTPS) port.

The default HTTPS port is 443.

server disable

Disables the HTTP server.

This sever is enabled by default.

secure-server disable

Disables the HTTPS server.

This sever is enabled by default.

Default                                                                See descriptions.

Mode                                                                   Configuration mode

Usage                                                                  If you disable HTTP or HTTPS access, any sessions on the management GUI are immediately terminated.

Example                                                            The following command disables management access on HTTP:

ACOS(config)#web-service server disable

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