backup log

Description                                                    Configure log backup options and save a backup of the system log.

Syntax                                                                  backup log
  [period {all | day | month | week | days}]
profile-name | [use-mgmt-port] url [password password]}




Allocates additional CPU to the backup process. This option allows up to 50% CPU utilization to be devoted to the log backup process.


Specifies the period of time whose data you want to back up:

  all - Backs up the log messages contained in the log buffer.

  day - Backs up the log messages generated during the most recent 24 hours.

  month - Backs up the log messages generated during the most recent 30 days.

  week - Backs up the log messages generated during the most recent 7 days.

  days - Backs up the log messages generated using days as the interval (for example, specify 5 to back up every 5 days).

The default period of time is one month.


Backs up statistical data from the GUI.


Profile name for the remote URL, 1-31 characters.

Profiles that can be used in place of the URL are configured with the backup store command.


Uses the management interface as the source interface for the connection to the remote device. The management route table is used to reach the device. Without this option, the ACOS device attempts to use the data route table to reach the remote device through a data inter­face.


Specifies the file transfer protocol, username (if required), and directory path to the location where you want to save the backup file.

You can enter the entire URL on the command line or press Enter to display a prompt for each part of the URL. If you enter the entire URL and a password is required, you will still be prompted for the password. The password can be up to 255 characters long.

To enter the entire URL, use one of the following:






Specifies the password to access the remote site.

Default                                                                See descriptions.

Mode                                                                   Privileged EXEC, or global configuration mode

Usage                                                                  The expedite option controls the percentage of CPU utilization allowed exclusively to the log backup process. The actual CPU utilization during log backup may be higher, if other management processes also are running at the same time.

If the ACOS device is a member of an aVCS virtual chassis, use the device-context command to specify the device in the chassis to which to apply this command.

Example                                                            The following commands change the backup period to all, allow up to 50% CPU utilization for the backup process, and back up the log:

ACOS#backup log period all

ACOS#backup log expedite

ACOS#backup log scp://



Example                                                            The following command backs up statistical data from the GUI:

ACOS#backup log stats-data scp://


NOTE:                                                                   The log period and expedite settings also apply to backups of the GUI statistical data.

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