Description                                                    Clear statistics or reset functions. Sub-command parameters are required for specific sub-commands.

Syntax                                                                  clear sub-command parameter

Default                                                                N/A

Mode                                                                   Privileged EXEC mode or global configuration mode

Usage                                                                  To list the options available for a clear command, enter ? after the command name. For example, to display the clear gslb options, enter the following command:

clear gslb ?

On some ACOS models, entering either the clear slb switch or clear slb l4 command clears all anomaly counters for both show slb switch and show slb l4. This applies to the following AX models: AX 3200-12, AX 3400, and AX 3530.

Note on Clearing Sessions

After entering the clear session command, the ACOS device may remain in session-clear mode for up to 10 seconds. During this time, any new connections are sent to the delete queue for clearing.

Example                                                            The following command clears the counters on Ethernet interface 3:

ACOS#clear statistics interface ethernet 3

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