Description                                                    Set terminal display parameters for the current session.

Syntax                                                                  terminal 
auto-size |
command-timestamp [unix]|
editing |
gslb-prompt options |
history [size number] |
length number |
monitor |
width lines




Enables the terminal length and width to automatically change to match the terminal win­dow size.

This is enabled by default.


Include timestamp information in the show command output.

The unix option displays the timestamp in Unix format (sec.us) since Unix Epoch. For example:

See the example below for more information.


Enables command-line editing.

This is enabled by default.


Enables the CLI prompt to display the role of the ACOS device within a GSLB group.

  disable - disables this feature so the CLI prompt does not display role information

  group-role - displays “Member” or “Master” in the CLI prompt. For example:


  symbol - displays “gslb” in the CLI prompt after the name of the ACOS device. For exam­ple:


history [size]

Enables and controls the command history function. The size option specifies the number of command lines that will be held in the history buffer. You can specify 0-1000.

This is enabled by default, the default size is 256.

length num

Sets the number of lines on a screen. You can specify 0-512. Specifying 0 disables pausing.

The default length is 24.


Copies debug output to the current terminal.

This is disabled by default.

width num

Sets the width of the display terminal. You can specify 0-512. The setting 0 means “infinite”.

The default width is 80.

Default                                                                See descriptions.

Mode                                                                   Privileged EXEC mode

Usage                                                                  This command affects only the current CLI session. The command is not added to the run­ning-config and does not persist across reloads or reboots. To make persistent changes, use the command at the global configuration level. (See terminal.)

Example                                                            The following command changes the terminal length to 40:

ACOS#terminal length 40


Example                                                            The following example shows the command-timestamp option. Note the “Command start time” and “Command end time” lines added as the first and last lines of the output:

ACOS#terminal command-timestamp

ACOS#show config-block

Command start time : 1422647248.076561

!Block configuration:   24 bytes

!64-bit Advanced Core OS (ACOS) version 4.0.1, build 98 (Jan-29-2015,15:55)


interface ethernet 1




!Configuration specified in merge mode

Command end time : 1422647248.077418



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