Show Commands

The show commands display configuration and system information.

In addition to the command options provided with some show commands, you can use output modifiers to search and filter the output. See Searching and Filtering CLI Output.

To automatically re-enter a show command at regular intervals, see repeat.

NOTE:                               The show slb commands are described in a separate chapter. See “SLB Show Com­mands” in the Command Line Interface Reference for ADC.

Below are the available show commands:

     show aam

     show access-list

     show active-partition

     show admin

     show aflex

     show arp

     show audit

     show axdebug capture

     show axdebug config

     show axdebug config-file

     show axdebug file

     show axdebug filter

     show axdebug status

     show backup

     show bfd

     show bgp

     show bootimage

     show bpdu-fwd-group

     show bridge-vlan-group

     show bw-list

     show class-list

     show clns

     show clock

     show config

     show config-block

     show context

     show core

     show cpu

     show debug

     show disk

     show dns cache

     show dns statistics

     show dnssec

     show dumpthread

     show environment

     show errors

     show event-action

     show fail-safe

     show glid

     show gslb

     show hardware

     show health

     show history

     show hsm

     show icmp

     show icmpv6

     show interfaces

     show interfaces brief

     show interfaces media

     show interfaces statistics

     show interfaces transceiver

     show ip

     show ip anomaly-drop statistics

     show ip bgp

     show ip dns

     show ip fib | show ipv6 fib

     show ip fragmentation | show ipv6 fragmentation | show ipv4-in-ipv6 fragmentation | show ipv6-in-ipv4 fragmenta­tion

     show ip helper-address

     show ip interfaces | show ipv6 interfaces

     show ip isis | show ipv6 isis

     show ip nat alg pptp

     show ip nat interfaces | show ipv6 nat interfaces

     show ip nat pool | show ipv6 nat pool

     show ip nat pool-group | show ipv6 nat pool-group

     show ip nat range-list

     show ip nat static-binding

     show ip nat statistics

     show ip nat template logging

     show ip nat timeouts

     show ip nat translations

     show ip-list

     show ipv6 ndisc

     show ipv6 neighbor

     show ip ospf | show ipv6 ospf

     show ip prefix-list | show ipv6 prefix-list

     show ip protocols | show ipv6 protocols

     show ip rip | show ipv6 rip

     show ip route | show ipv6 route

     show ip stats | show ipv6 stats

     show ipv6 traffic

     show isis

     show json-config

     show json-config-detail

     show json-config-with-default

     show key-chain

     show lacp

     show lacp-passthrough

     show license

     show license-debug

     show license-info

     show lldp neighbor statistics

     show lldp statistics

     show local-uri-file

     show locale

     show log

     show mac-address-table

     show management

     show memory

     show mirror

     show monitor

     show netflow

     show ntp

     show object-group

     show overlay-mgmt-info

     show overlay-tunnel

     show partition

     show partition-config

     show partition-group

     show pbslb

     show pki

     show poap

     show process system

     show radius-server

     show reboot

     show route-map

     show router log file

     show running-config

     show scaleout

     show session

     show sflow

     show shutdown

     show slb

     show smtp

     show snmp

     show snmp-stats all

     show startup-config

     show statistics

     show store

     show switch

     show system cpu-list

     show system cpu-load-sharing

     show system platform

     show system port-list

     show system resource-usage

     show tacacs-server

     show techsupport

     show terminal

     show tftp

     show trunk

     show vcs

     show version

     show vlan counters

     show vlans

     show vpn

     show vrrp-a

     show waf

     show web-category

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