show class-list

Description                                                    Display information for class lists.

Syntax                                                                  show class-list [name [ipaddr]]

Replace name with the class list name or ipaddr with an IP address in the class list. If neither option is specified, the list of configured class lists is displayed instead.

Mode                                                                   All

Usage                                                                  For Aho-Corasick (AC) class lists, enter the write memory command immediately before entering show class-list.

Example                                                            The following command displays the class-list files on the ACOS device device:

ACOS#show class-list

Name                             IP       Subnet   Location

test                             4        3        file

user-limit                       14       4        config

Total: 2

The following table describes the fields in the command output.




Name of the class list.


Number of host IP addresses in the class list.


Number of subnets in the class list.


Indicates whether the class list is in the startup-config or in a stand­alone file:

  config – Class list is located in the startup-config.

  file – Class list is located in a standalone file.


Total number of class lists on the ACOS device device.

The following command shows details for a class list:

ACOS#show class-list test

Name:                test

Total single IP:     4

Total IP subnet:     3

Content: /32 glid 1 /32 glid 2 /32 lid 1 /32 lid 2 /24 lid 1 /24 lid 2 /0 lid 31

The following commands show the closest matching entries for specific IP addresses in class list “test”:

AOCS#show class-list test /32 glid 1

ACOS#show class-list test /0 lid 31

The class list contains an entry for, so that entry is shown. However, since the class list does not contain an entry for but does contain a wildcard entry (, the wildcard entry is shown.

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