show context

Description                                                    View the configuration for the sub-module in which the command is run.

For example, if you are configuring a virtual port under a virtual server, the show context command displays only the portion of the configuration within the context of the virtual port configuration; see the examples below.

Unlike other show commands, the show context command is only available in Global configuration mode, or any additional sub-mode. For example, if you are configuring a port under an SLB server, this command shows only the configuration related to the port.

Syntax                                                                  show context

Mode                                                                   Global configuration mode or further sub-modes

Example                                                            The following example shows the portion of the configuration related to BGP AS 1:

ACOS(config)#router bgp 1

ACOS(config-bgp:1)#show context

!Section configuration: 216 bytes


router bgp 1


 neighbor a peer-group

 neighbor remote-as 1

 address-family ipv6

   bgp dampening 3 3 3 3

   neighbor a activate

   neighbor a capability orf prefix-list send


Example                                                            The following example first shows the portion of the running-config related to server s1, then only the portion related to port 80:

ACOS(config-bgp:1-ipv6)#slb server s1

ACOS(config-real server)#show context

!Section configuration: 104 bytes


slb server s1

 port 80 tcp

   weight 2

   conn-limit 2

   conn-resume 1

 port 81 tcp

ACOS(config-real server)#port 80 tcp

ACOS(config-real server-node port)#show context

!Section configuration: 64 bytes


port 80 tcp

   weight 2

   conn-limit 2

   conn-resume 1


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