show disk

Description                                                    Display status information for the ACOS device hard disks.

Syntax                                                                  show disk

Mode                                                                   Privileged EXEC level and configuration levels

Example                                                            The following command shows hard disk information for an A10 Thunder Series 4430 device:

NOTE:                                                                   The output on your device may differ slightly from the one shown below.

ACOS#show disk

Total(MB)  Used       Free       Usage


 95393      11301      84091      11.8%


 Device   Primary Disk        Secondary Disk


 md0      Active

 md1      Active


The following table describes the fields in the command output.




Total amount of data the hard disk can hold.

NOTE: The hard disk statistics apply to a single disk. This is true even if your ACOS device contains two disks. In systems with two disks, the second disk is a hot standby for the primary disk and is not counted separately in the statistics.


Number of MB used.


Number of MB free.


Percentage of the disk that is in use.


Virtual partition on the disk:

  md0 – The boot partition

  md1 – The A10 data partition

Primary Disk

Status of the left hard disk in the redundant pair:

  Active – The disk is operating normally.

  Inactive – The disk has failed and must be replaced. Contact tech­nical support.

  Synchronizing – The disk has just been installed and is synchroniz­ing itself with the other disk.

Secondary Disk

Status of the right hard disk in the redundant pair.

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