show environment

Description                                                    Display temperature, fan, and power supply status.

Syntax                                                                  show environment

Mode                                                                   All

Example                                                            The following command shows environment information for an A10 Thunder Series 3030S device:

NOTE:                                                                   The output on your device may vary from the one shown below.

ACOS#show environment

Updated information every 30 Seconds

Physical System temperature:   40C / 104F : OK-low/med

Fan1A : OK-med/high     Fan1B : OK-low/med

Fan2A : OK-med/high     Fan2B : OK-low/med

Fan3A : OK-med/high     Fan3B : OK-low/med

Fan4A : OK-med/high     Fan4B : OK-low/med

System Voltage 12V          : OK

System Voltage 5V           : OK

System Voltage AVCC 3.3V    : OK

System Voltage CC(3.3V)     : OK

System Voltage VCore(0.9v)   : OK

System Voltage VBAT 3.3V    : OK

System Voltage PCH 1.05V    : OK

System Voltage CPU0 VCore   : OK

System Voltage VTT 1.05V    : OK

System Voltage DDR 1.5V     : OK

Right Power Unit(view from front) State: Off

Left Power Unit(view from front) State: On

Power Supply temperature: 36C / 96F


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