show ip anomaly-drop statistics

Description                                                    Show drop statistics for malformed IP packets.

Syntax                                                                  show ip anomaly-drop statistics

Mode                                                                   All

Example                                                            Example output for this command:

IP Anomaly Drop Statistics


Land Attack Drop                         0

Empty Fragment Drop                      0

Micro Fragment Drop                      0

IPv4 Options Drop                        0

IP Fragment Drop                         0

Bad IP Header Len Drop                   0

Bad IP Flags Drop                        0

Bad IP TTL Drop                          0

No IP Payload drop                       0

Oversize IP Payload Drop                 0

Bad IP Payload Len Drop                  0

Bad IP Fragment Offset Drop              0

Bad IP Checksum Drop                     0

ICMP Ping of Death Drop                  0

TCP Bad Urgent Offset Drop               0

TCP Short Header Drop                    0

TCP Bad IP Length Drop                   0

TCP Null Flags Drop                      0

TCP Null Scan Drop                       0

TCP Syn and Fin Drop                     0

TCP XMAS Flags Drop                      0

TCP XMAS Scan Drop                       0

TCP Syn Fragment Drop                    0

TCP Fragmented Header Drop               0

TCP Bad Checksum Drop                    0

UDP Short Header Drop                    0

UDP Bad Length Drop                      0

UDP Kerberos Fragment Drop               0

UDP Port Loopback Drop                   0

UDP Bad Checksum Drop                    0

Runt IP Header Drop                      0

Runt TCP/UDP Header Drop                 0

IP-over-IP Tunnel Mismatch Drop          0

TCP Option Error Drop                    0

IP-over-IP Tunnel Error Drop             0

VXLAN Tunnel Error Drop                  0

GRE Tunnel Error Drop                    0

GRE PPTP Error Drop                      0


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