show ip nat alg pptp

Description                                                    Display Application Level Gateway (ALG) information for IP source NAT.

Syntax                                                                  show ip nat alg pptp {statistics | status}

Example                                                            The following command displays the status of the PPTP NAT ALG feature:

ACOS#show ip nat alg pptp status

NAT ALG for PPTP is enabled on port 1723.


Example                                                            The following command displays PPTP NAT ALG statistics.

ACOS(config-if:ethernet:2)#show ip nat alg pptp statistics

Statistics for PPTP NAT ALG:


Calls In Progress:                  10

Call Creation Failure:              0

Truncated PNS Message:              0

Truncated PAC Message:              0

Mismatched PNS Call ID:             1

Mismatched PAC Call ID:             0

Retransmitted PAC Message:          3

Truncated GRE Packets:              0

Unknown GRE Packets:                0

No Matching GRE Session:          4


The following table describes the fields in the command output.



Calls In Progress

Current call attempts, counted by inspecting the TCP control session. This counter will decrease once the first GRE packet arrives.

Call Creation Failure

Number of times a call could not be set up because the ACOS device ran out of mem­ory or other system resources.

Truncated PNS Message

Number of runt TCP PPTP messages received from clients.

Truncated PAC Message

Number of runt TCP PPTP messages received from servers.

Mismatched PNS Call ID

Number of calls that were disconnected because the GRE session had the wrong Call ID.

Mismatched PAC Call ID

Number of calls that were disconnected because they had the wrong Call ID.

Retransmitted PAC Message

Number of TCP packets retransmitted from PAC servers.

Truncated GRE Packets

Number of runt GRE packets received by the ACOS device.

Unknown GRE Packets

Number of GRE packets that were not used for PPTP and were dropped.

No Matching GRE Session

Number of GRE PPTP packets sent with no current call.


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