show ip nat statistics

Description                                                    Displays IP source NAT statistics.

Syntax                                                                  show ip nat statistics

Example                                                            Displays IP NAT statistics:

ACOS(config)#show ip nat statistics

Outside interfaces: ethernet8, ethernet11, ve20, ve110, ve120

Inside interfaces:  ethernet8, ethernet11, ve20, ve110, ve120

Hits: 1707  Misses: 0

Outbound TCP sessions created: 1363

Outbound  UDP sessions created: 344

Outbound  ICMP sessions created: 0

Inbound  TCP sessions created: 0

Inbound  UDP sessions created: 0

Dynamic mappings:

-- Inside Source

access-list 8 pool v4

start end

total addresses 3, allocated 2315, misses 0

access-list v6 pool l3nat6

start 6020::203 end 6020::203

total addresses 1, allocated 0, misses 0


The output lists the inside NAT and outside NAT interfaces and provides address translation statistics.

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