show ipv6 ndisc

Description                                                    Display information for IPv6 router discovery.

Syntax                                                                  show ipv6 ndisc router-advertisement
{ethernet portnum | ve ve-num | statistics}

Mode                                                                   All

Example                                                            The following command displays configuration information for IPv6 router discovery on an Ethernet interface. In this example, the interface is VE 10.

ACOS#show ipv6 ndisc router-advertisement ve 10

Interface VE 10

Send Advertisements:                 Enabled

Max Advertisement Interval:          200

Min Advertisement Interval:          150

Advertise Link MTU:                  Disabled

Reachable Time:                      0

Retransmit Timer:                    0

Current Hop Limit:                   255

Default Lifetime:                    200

Max Router Solicitations Per Second: 100000

HA Group ID:                         None

Number of Advertised Prefixes:       2

Prefix 1:

    Prefix:         2001:a::/96

    On-Link:        True

    Valid Lifetime: 4400

Prefix 2:

    Prefix:         2001:32::/64

    On-Link:        True

    Valid Lifetime: 2592000

The following command displays router discovery statistics:

ACOS(config)#show ipv6 ndisc router-advertisement statistics

IPv6 Router Advertisement/Solicitation Statistics:


Good Router Solicitations (R.S.) Received:          1320

Periodic Router Advertisements (R.A.) Sent:         880

R.S. Rate Limited:                                  2

R.S. Bad Hop Limit:                                 1

R.S. Truncated:                                     0

R.S. Bad ICMPv6 Checksum:                           0

R.S. Unknown ICMPv6 Code:                           0

R.S. Bad ICMPv6 Option:                             0

R.S. Src Link-Layer Option and Unspecified Address: 0

No Free Buffers to send R.A.:                       0

The error counters apply to router solicitations (R.S.) that are dropped by the ACOS device.

The Src Link-Layer Option and Unspecified Address counter indicates the number of times the ACOS device received a router solicitation with source address “::” (unspecified IPv6 address) and with the source link-layer (MAC address) option set.

NOTE:                                                                   In the current release, the ACOS device does not drop IPCMv6 packets that have bad (invalid) checksums.

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