show license-info

Description                                                    Show current product SKU and license information on the ACOS device.

Syntax                                                                  show license-info

Mode                                                                   All

Example                                                            Example output for this command. This example shows that the CFW product is installed (highlighted) along with the product modules that are included in this product. Refer to the Release Notes for more information about product SKUs and licenses.

ACOS> show license-info

Host ID  : 5DCB01EC264BECCCFECB3C2ED42E02384EE8C527

Product  : CFW

Platform : AX Series Advanced Traffic Manager

GLM Ping Interval In Hours : 24


Enabled Licenses          Expiry Date                      Notes


SLB                       None

CGN                       None

GSLB                      None

RC                        None

DAF                       None

WAF                       None

SSLI                      None

DCFW                      None

GIFW                      None

URLF                      None

IPSEC                     None

AAM                       None

FP                        None

WEBROOT                   None             Requires an additional Webroot license.

THREATSTOP                None             Requires an additional ThreatSTOP license.



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