show management

Description                                                    Show the types of management access allowed on each of the ACOS device’s Ethernet inter­faces.

Syntax                                                                  show management [ipv4 | ipv6]

Mode                                                                   All

Usage                                                                  To configure the management access settings, see enable-management and disable-management.

NOTE:                                                                   If you do not use either option, IPv4 access information is shown.

Example                                                            The following command shows IPv4 management access information:


       PING      SSH     Telnet      HTTP       HTTPS       SNMP      ACL


mgmt    on       on       off         on         on          on        -

eth1    on       off      off         off        off         off       -

eth2    on       off      off         off        off         off       -

eth3    on       off      off         off        off         off       -

eth4    on       off      off         off        off         off       -



If management access is controlled by an ACL, the ACL ID would be listed instead of “on”
or “off” status.

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