show router log file

Description                                                    Show router logs.

Syntax                                                                  show router log file
file-num |
bgpd [file-num] |
isisd [file-num] |
nsm [file-num] |
ospf6d [file-num] |
ospfd [file-num] |
ripd [file-num] |
ripngd [file-num]




Log file number.

bgpd [file-num]

Displays the specified BGP log file, or all BGP log files.

isisd [file-num]

Displays the specified IS-IS log file, or all IS-IS log files.

nsm [file-num]

Displays the specified Network Services Module (NSM) log file, or all NSM log files.

ospf6d [file-num]

Displays the specified IPv6 OSPFv3 log file, or all OSPFv3 log files.

ospfd [file-num]

Displays the specified IPv4 OSPFv2 log file, or all OSPFv2 log files.

ripd [file-num]

Displays the specified IPv4 RIP log file, or all IPv4 RIP log files.

ripngd [file-num]

Displays the specified IPv6 RIP log file, or all IPv6 RIP log files.

Mode                                                                   All

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