show running-config

Description                                                    Display the running-config.

This command is used to view the running-config in the partition where the command is issued. To view the running-config for a different partition, use the show partition-config command.

Syntax                                                                  show running-config [options]

Usage                                                                  This command displays the entire running-config in the current partition.

To narrow the output to specific feature modules, use show running-config ? to view the available modules, then specify them from the command line. For example, to view the running-config related only to SLB servers, use:

show running-config slb server

Example                                                            The following example shows the running-config for SLB virtual servers:

ACOS#show running-config slb virtual-server

!Section configuration: 2 bytes


slb virtual-server test-vip

 port 80 tcp






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