show startup-config

Description                                                    Display a configuration profile or display a list of all the locally saved configuration profiles.

Syntax                                                                  show startup-config all

Syntax                                                                  show startup-config
[profile profile-name
  [all-partitions | partition {shared | partition-name}]



profile profile-name

Displays the commands that are in the specified configuration profile.


Displays a list of the locally stored configuration profiles.


Shows all resources in all partitions. In this case, the resources in the shared parti­tion are listed first. Then the resources in each private partition are listed, organized by partition.

shared | partition-name}

Shows only the resources in the specified partition.

Mode                                                                   All

Usage                                                                  The profile name must be specified before any partition names.

The all-partitions and partition partition-name options are applicable on ACOS devices that are configured with L3V partitions. If you omit both options, only the resources in the shared partition are shown. (If no partitions are configured, all resources are in the shared partition, so you can omit both options.)

The all-partitions option is applicable only to admins with Root, Read-write, or Read-only privileges. (See show admin for descriptions of the admin privilege levels.)

When entered without the all or profile-name option, this command displays the contents of the configuration profile that is currently linked to “startup-config”. Unless you have relinked “startup-config”, the configuration profile that is displayed is the one that is stored in the image area from which the ACOS device most recently rebooted.

Example                                                            The following example shows how to view the startup-config in partition “companyB” (trun­cated for brevity):

ACOS# show startup-config partition companyB

Show startup-config profile in partition "companyB"

Building configuration...


!Current configuration: 2442 bytes

!Configuration last updated at 11:23:01 IST Tue Sep 30 2014

!Configuration last saved at 11:31:59 IST Tue Sep 30 2014


active-partition companyB





ip access-list test

 remark 123




ipv6 access-list test

 remark 123





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