show system cpu-load-sharing

Description                                                    Displays CPU load sharing information.

CPU load sharing can be configured using the system cpu-load-sharing command.

Syntax                                                                  show system cpu-load-sharing [statistics [detail]] 




Shows CPU load sharing statistics.


Show per-CPU counters.

Mode                                                                   All

Example                                                            The following command shows output from the CPU load sharing feature. In this example, the counter for the “Load Sharing Trggered” field is incremented every time a CPU enters into load-sharing mode. Similarly, the counter for the “Load Sharing Untriggered” field is incre­mented every time a CPU is subsequently removed from load-sharing mode.

ACOS(config)#show system cpu-load-sharing statistics

CPU Load-Sharing Stats


Load Sharing Triggered                   1

Load Sharing Untriggered                 1


Example                                                            If the command is used without the statistics option, then the output simply displays which CPUs are in load-sharing mode. The example below shows that CPU 1, CPU 2, and CPU 3 are in load-sharing mode.

ACOS(config)#show system cpu-load-sharing

CPUs in Load-Sharing Mode: 1 2 3


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