show system resource-usage

Description                                                    Display the minimum and maximum numbers of system resources that can be configured or used, the default maximum number allowed by the configuration, and the number currently in use.

For example, the “l4-session-count” row of the output shows the number of Layer 4 sessions that are currently in use, as well as the maximum number currently supported by the configuration (the default maximum), and the range of values that can be assigned to the default maximum.

In general, if a resource listed in the output has the same value in the Current and Maximum columns (GSLB resources, for example), then the allocation for that resource can not be changed.

Syntax                                                                  show system resource-usage [template [default | template-name]]

Mode                                                                   All

Usage                                                                  To change system resource usage settings, see system resource-usage com­mand.

You must reload or reboot the system after making changes to system resource-usage settings in order to place the changes into effect. For most system resource-usage settings, a reload is sufficient. However, a change to the l4-session-count setting requires a reboot.

If the target device is not reloaded, the system resource-usage settings synchronized from the active device appear in the standby device’s running-config, but do not actually take effect until the reload or reboot.

     If you manually synchronize the configuration, you have the option to reload the target device immediately following the synchronization. If you do not use this option, you can reload the device later.

     If you are using VRRP-A in combination with aVCS, configuration synchronization is automatic. In this case, you must reload or reboot the target device to place the system resource-usage changes into effect.

NOTE:                                                                   The target device is not automatically reloaded following configuration synchroni­zation.

Example                                                            Below is a sample output for this command.

ACOS# show system resource-usage

Resource                         Current    Default    Minimum    Maximum


l4-session-count                 16777216   16777216   4194304    33554432

class-list-ipv6-addr-count       1024000    1024000    1024000    2048000

class-list-ac-entry-count        153600     153600     153600     307200

auth-portal-html-file-size       20         20         4          120

auth-portal-image-file-size      6          6          1          80

max-aflex-file-size              32768      32768      16384      262144


The following table describes the fields in this output for each resource.




Number of resources (for example, Layer 4 sessions) currently in use.


Default number of maximum resources (for example, Layer 4 sessions) that can be configured based on the current configuration.


Minimum number of resources (for example, Layer 4 sessions) that can be configured.


Maximum number of resources (for example, Layer 4 sessions) that can be configured.

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