show trunk

Description                                                    Show information about a trunk group.

Syntax                                                                  show trunk num

Replace num with the trunk number

Mode                                                                   All

Example                                                            The following command shows information for trunk group 1:

ACOS# show trunk 1

Trunk ID         : 1       Member Count: 8

Trunk Status     : Up

Members          : 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

Cfg Status       : Enb Enb Enb Enb Enb Enb Enb Enb

Oper Status      : Up  Up  Up  Up  Up  Up  Up  Up

Ports-Threshold  : 6       Timer: 10 sec(s) Running: No

Working Lead     : 1

The following table describes the fields in the command output.



Trunk ID

ID assigned to the trunk by the admin who configured it.

Member Count

Number of ports in the trunk.

Trunk Status

Indicates whether the trunk is up.


Port numbers in the trunk.

Cfg Status

Configuration status of the port.

Oper Status

Operational status of the port.


Indicates the minimum number of ports that must be up in order for the trunk to remain up.

If the number of up ports falls below the configured threshold, ACOS automatically disables the trunk’s member ports. The ports are dis­abled in the running-config. The ACOS device also generates a log message and an SNMP trap, if these services are enabled.


Indicates how many seconds the ACOS device waits after a port goes down before marking the trunk down, if the ports threshold is exceeded.


Indicates whether the ports-threshold timer is currently running. When the timer is running, a port has gone down but the state change has not yet been applied to the trunk’s state.

Working Lead

Port number used for responding to ARP requests.

NOTE: If the lead port is shown as 0 or “None”, the trunk interface is down.

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